Back In The Day

Even Hot Dogs Have Accidents

We had the opportunity to repair the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile a few years ago.

Hot Dog shaped Instrument Panel
GPS Navigational System
Seating for 6 - in Mustard and Ketchup Colored Seats
Exterior Rearview Camera
Gull-Wing Door
Mustard-splattered Walkway
Removable Bun Roof
State-of-the-Art Audio Center with Wireless Microphone System
Blue Sky Ceiling Art
Cruises on Average 500 Miles/Week
The First Wienermobile Vehicle Was Built in 1936
Has Storage Space For 11, 000 Wienerwhistle Toys
Custom-made Fiberglass Hot Dog Resting on a Lightly Toasted Bun
Chevrolet W4 Series Chassis
V-8, 6.0 Liter 350 Vortec 5700 Engine
Anti-Lock Brake System
32.1 Gallon Fuel Tank For Each Fill Up of High Octane Mustard

The photo's below are from the 1930's. If you would like to see full size photo's just click on the pictures.


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